30 outstanding research paper topics from different fields

30 outstanding research paper topics from different fields

A Ph.D. thesis has become a magnum opus for most of the postgraduate students for them to excel in the academics.

Since there is a lot of time and that most students invest in their academics, it is advisable and equally important that they should e guided when selecting research topics to write about. The following are the 30 strangest topics that a student can choose from;

  1. Rectal Foreign Bodies

This topic was published in 1986 in the surgery journal. “Rectal foreign bodies: case reports and a comprehensive review of the world’s literature.” In this topic the doctors who carried out the research tried to look at the two cases of patients who were believed to have inserted objects in the anal part of their bodies as well as the most appropriate subject documentation. Besides, some of the things that were taken into consideration were the life history of the patients, their ages and the kinds of objects that were removed from their bodies.

  1. Harry Potter=Jesus Christ

This is one of the topics that was done by a Ph.D. student so as to rebuke the notion that most people hold into that literary theory can sometimes lack applications of the real work. The topics focused on the fascinating parallels of the literary characters that are most popular in the two worlds.

  1. Flatulence as self-defense

This topic was written in 1996 by Mara Sidoli to explore the relationships that exists between the bodily emissions and the fear of one type or the other.

  1. Best approach to penile zipper entertainment

This topic looks at how the realm of fiction can be traversed to bestow agony among men and boys in the real world. The topic explored various intervention methods in approaching problems that are unpleasant and established that some of the common methods can worsen or make the circumstances long.

  1. Sex and love with robots

This topic explores the intimate relationships that are likely to exist between the human beings and the artificial partners in the future.

  1. Gay dead duck sex

This topic tries to explore by highlighting the absurdity developed aspects that are new of the quantum theory.

  1. Shrews: to chew or not to chew?

This topic experimented what is likely to happen to shrew which is considered at first to be skinned, parboiled, cut into segments and eviscerated.

  1. Do cabbies have bigger brains

The topic talks about cabbies and their ability to remember the landmarks in the city of London when trained but not able to recall visual information that is complex as compared to their trainees who are unsuccessful.

  1. Does country music make you suicidal?

This topic tries to investigate whether the country music has an influence on the public suicide that is being experienced in the united states of America.

  1. The possibility of unicorns

The topic to investigate whether do really unicorns do exist.

  1. Fruit bat fellatio

The topic explored the two bats that were engaged in nocturnal X-rated activities

  1. Cocaine effects on the bees

The topic was written to find out the possible effects of the low doses of cocaine in the honey bees.

  1. The navel lint and its nature

This topic investigates the mechanism behind the accumulation of the small balls of lint on its belly button.

  1. Can pigeons differentiate a Picasso from a Monet?

This paper was done to confirm that indeed the pigeons have the ability to differentiate art works done by two artists.

  1. Rectal route towards curing hiccups

This topic explore how hiccups can be cured through massaging a finger in the rectum

  1. Keep good memories through erasing the bad ones

This topic explores the ways through which bad memories such as the drug related memories can be erased without causing any damage to other memories.

  1. Eve chickens prefer beautiful people

The topic explores whether chickens do love beautiful people.

  1. Lady gaga and pop art

The topic investigates the places of history that lady gaga occupies in the society of the pop music and her roles as a voice of cultural criticism.

  1. The propulsion parameters of penguin poop

The topic explores the amount of internal pressure that penguins are able to generate when poop firing.

  1. The human skull versus the beer bottle

The topic explores whether the beer bottle is capable of destroying the human skull when used as a weapon during war.

  1. The unhidden danger of sword swallowing

The paper investigates how hazardous is when swallowing a sword

  1. Cat food-yummy

The topic investigates how cats are fussy eaters.

  1. Weighing up lead and feathers

This topic investigates whether people have the same feelings that a pound of lead weighs the same as the pound of feathers.

  1. Mosquitoes like cheese

The papers explore how mosquitoes can be attracted by limburger cheese.

  1. Booty calls: the best of both worlds

The topic analysis the booty behavior

  1. Do woodpeckers get headaches

The topic explores the psychological traits that has been developed by woodpeckers to avoid damaging their brains and bleeding.

  1. Wet underwear: not comfortable

The topic explores the impacts of wet underwear during the processes of thermoregulation

  1. On ethicist and theft

The topic explores whether ethicist do steal more books from the shelves

  1. Which can jump high: thee dog flea or the cat flea

The topic investigates which flea can jump high: the dog flea or the cat flea.

  1. Ovulation: a lap dancer’s secret weapon

The topic investigates the relationship between the two theories of estrus and sexual awareness in mammals.

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