Our Privacy Policy: Your Privacy Is Our Biggest Concern

GetEssayDone- An excellent source for acquiring online work for students all across the world, hasa strong concern for the privacy of all its customers. The company has adopted stringent rules and regulations and has taken measures to make sure that all your information is highly secure with us. If you want to know more about the company’s privacy policy, then here it is.

Our company has a highly secure payment system that is developed by Plimus. This system ensures a safe transaction of all sorts of online payments from our customers all across the globe. Moreover, the payment system ensures that all transactions are done through safe channels and it provides the most convenient way of payment for customers.  This is why you should not be worried about using your credit card information to pay for your orders on our website.

Other data that we get is through cookies in which the data is intended to be used only to see who is visiting which link and how can the website be improved. These small assessments help us improve our service for better. The company does not share or use your information in any way possible. Cookies identify the computers and no individual information can be known through it so it should not be a concern for you. Usually websites use cookies to assess the traffic and to evaluate other factors that may help improve the website and hence customer experience.

The website has some external links provided to the customers only to assist them in finding related material. However, we do not take any guarantee once you click on the external link. The company is not responsible for any harm or trouble caused through such related links. Therefore, it is advised that you should first read the confidentiality policy carefully and visit the link at your own risk.

The company reserves the right to make amendments in the confidentiality policy whenever needed. Therefore, you are advised to visit this webpage regularly to see if any changes have been made.