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澳洲SAA Approvals莅临沃特检验集团宁波分公司 深化合作助力市场拓展

3月28日,澳洲SAA Approvals公司Matt Toohey先生莅临沃特检验集团宁波公司,与宁波沃特总经理毛建忠先生及电子电器工程部、国际认证部、销售部的主要负责人进行了深入交流。



SAA Approvals作为澳大利亚的重要认证机构,在电子电器领域拥有广泛的影响力。此次来访,双方就合作事宜进行了积极探讨,并达成了一系列重要共识。Matt先生对宁波沃特的专业能力和服务质量给予了高度评价,并对公司的实验室环境和测试现场表示赞赏。



通过与SAA Approvals的合作,宁波沃特将更好地了解澳洲市场的认证要求,为客户提供更加专业、高效的认证服务。双方的紧密合作将助力企业产品顺利进入澳大利亚/新西兰市场,拓展更广阔的国际业务。


On March 28th, Mr. Matt Toohey from SAA Approvals in Australia visited Waltek Ningbo and had in-depth exchanges with Mr. Mao Jianzhong, the general manager of Waltek Ningbo, and the main persons in charge of the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department, the International Certification Department, and the Sales Department.


As an important certification agency in Australia, SAA Approvals has a wide influence in the field of electronic and electrical appliances. During this visit, both sides had active discussions on cooperation matters and reached a series of important consensuses. Mr. Matt gave high praise to the professional capabilities and service quality of Waltek Ningbo and expressed appreciation for the company's laboratory environment and test site.


Through cooperation with SAA Approvals, Waltek Ningbo will have a better understanding of the certification requirements of the Australian market and provide more professional and efficient certification services to customers. The close cooperation between the two sides will help enterprises' products enter the Australian/New Zealand market smoothly and expand broader international business.