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What are descriptive essays and how are they written clearly and concisely? Read about them in the article below.


A descriptive essay is an essay which for all intents and purposes summarizes a specific topic that is given to the writer. The opinion or point of view of other people is not taken into consideration, rather it is about an overview of a person, place, and event or even about a specific inanimate object. Descriptive essays focus on showing rather than telling, sort of like drawing a picture of what the author is trying to say. Writing a good descriptive essay means the writer should be a good narrator as well.

How to write a descriptive essay?

There are different types of descriptive essays like an essay about a human individual. These are actually hard to write because the author has to express the moods, appearance, behaviors and even all the little quirks about their character so the reader can feel as if they personally know them. Then there are essays that describe a particular place where the focus should be the sights that captivate a viewer so your reader can experience what it would be like to be in Paris or Tokyo with how you have described the place. There are also essays that describe any sort of event like your summer holiday or your holiday trip and also essays that describe your favorite animal in nature. There are also behavior essays where different types of behavior exhibited by different types of humans like how your mother behaves during a particular event. There are dozens of topics that can be used by the writer but it is easier and more effective to choose a single person or place to place the focus on. Figurative details can be used alongside the sensory depictions as well.

Figurative details focus on the use of metaphors to describe a subject. Metaphors like ‘anger bottled up inside’ or ‘sea of sadness’ describe emotions in a way the reader can relate to and understand with more vigor. An important thing to remember are the two viewpoints in a descriptive essay. This essay can be objective where everything explained is pure fact or the essay can be subjective where the writer tells about their personal views regarding a topic. These viewpoints are used in accordance with how the writer wants the readers to feel. Pure fact does not elicit emotion, it is subjective viewpoints that do so where the writer explains human emotions in a way the reader can relate to. The reader should not feel suspense or feel left out of the loop in your essay because this just means you have not described your essay clearly. Try avoiding common words so as to avoid clichés and be creative about the words you are using so your essay differs from other ones.

Qualities of a descriptive essay

Generally, the writer should adequately describe all the five senses for the writer to expertly grasp what is trying to be said. The writer should describe what they can see, what they can feel, what they are touching, what they are seeing and even what they are hearing so even the reader can get an authentic look and can then even imagine what the writer has described in their own mind. For example, a descriptive essay about an event should recount all the feelings the writer experienced when the event was happening, like what they saw, how it happened and even a little bit about why it happened. They should however try to be concise and to the point instead of providing great amounts of detail because that just makes it boring for the reader instead of thrilling. There is of course an introduction, a body and a conclusion relating to the topic at hand.

The writing style can and should contain descriptions, opinions and even how the writer personally perceived the topic. These essays should be appealing or else they only become boring bits of information which do not pique the interest of the reader like for example an essay about a mobile should focus on its features that would attract customers with only a light emphasis on the technical specifications and more emphasis on add on features, different apps and ways the buyer can use it comfortably. Depictions of a particular event should be vivid and should again focus on showing rather than telling. An example for this includes, ‘She looked pretty’ where the writer has just basically told us about the girl. Instead write ‘Her beauty was a thing to behold, it had a certain quite simplicity to it, but once you focused on it, it was all you could do to not stare at her’. This way even smells can be experienced by the readers if described adequately by the writer.

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